October 04, 2018

Best Practices for Creating a Chatbot

They help us find the information we seek online. They assist us in getting where we need to go. And by 2020, a quarter of brands will use virtual assistants as part of their customer service efforts. At least that’s what Gartner is projecting.

“AI, in the form of chatbots and other tools, is helping bridge the gap in customer-brand communications,” says DeviceBits CEO James Ramey, in a recent piece authored for TMC. “By allowing customers to engage with a brand via SMS messaging, social media messaging, and live chat options on a brand’s website, customers can quickly and easily get their questions answered without the complications of sending emails and waiting on hold on a customer care hotline.”

Olivier Engel, executive vice president of product development at Sicap, notes there are many platforms that allow a company in any business vertical to quickly and easily build a chatbot. And those chatbots can be used on a company’s website and through popular platforms like Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and the link.

“Using a Bot Framework, such as or Chatscript requires software development resources, but they make the development faster and remove much of the manual work involved in building bots,” he says. There are also bot platforms like Ada.Support that provide complete online ecosystems on which chatbots can be deployed and operated and that include pre-integrations with leading customer service solutions from companies like Genesys, Live Person, and Zendesk, he adds.

He goes on to say that chatbots can be built with our without artificial intelligence. But those built without may lack the flexibility, intelligence, and scalability of AI-based solutions, he adds. (To learn more about how AI, automation, and chatbots are impacting how work gets done, consider attending The Future of Work Expo.)

In addition to these important considerations, businesses creating chatbots should also define what they need the chatbot to do, make sure it can do that well, and ensure the chatbot uses language and tone that aligns with their brand and will appeal to their audience.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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