September 19, 2018

Study Assesses AI Benefits, Successes

As interest in and adoption of artificial intelligence-based solutions grow, so does the number of surveys and studies on this important topic. Some of the latest AI research comes from a consortium made up of Accenture Applied Intelligence, Forbes Insights, Intel, and SAS.

The companies collaborated to survey 300 executives across industries. They found that 72 percent either have deployed AI or are in the process of doing so.

They also suggest that many of the organizations managed by these executives have moved beyond the experimental phase of AI deployment to more widespread implementation. And they emphasize the strong link between AI and analytics.

“Among those who have deployed AI, they recognize that success in AI is success in analytics,” says Oliver Schabenberger, COO and CTO for SAS. “For them, analytics has achieved a front and center role in AI. In fact, in many ways, AI is analytics.”

Here is the breakdown of how AI-based efforts have worked out for organizations to date:

• 30 percent of those surveyed say their AI implementations have been successful,

• 29 percent said they’ve had mixed results,

• 21 percent said they’ve been highly successful,

• 13 percent rated their AI effort(s) as slightly successful, and

• 8 percent said the jury is still out on their AI implementations.

Here are the views of those surveyed on the current benefits of AI-based solutions:

• More accurate forecasting and decision making (60 percent),

• Improved customer acquisition (52 percent),

• Higher organizational productivity (48 percent),

• Reduction or elimination of manual tasks (48 percent),

• Better resource utilization (47 percent),

• Reduced operating costs (47 percent),

• Faster response times to customers (46 percent),

• Increased innovation (45),

• Improved customer satisfaction/retention (43 percent),

• Improved product quality (42 percent),

• Better anomaly detection (41 percent),

• Faster time to insights from data (41 percent),

• Greater employee efficiency (29 percent), and

• Greater real-time personalization (4 percent).

Speaking of AI, it will be the centerpiece of a series of new TMC events under The New Intelligence umbrella. In addition to The New Intelligence Expo and keynotes Jan. 30-Feb. 1 in Fort Lauderdale, we’ll hold AIOps Expo, The Adaptive & Intent-Based Networking Expo, and The Future of Work Expo.


Edited by Maurice Nagle

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