May 18, 2018

How to Leverage Technology to Build Brand, Revenues

If you’re not in the marketing or advertising business, you might think about these disciplines as driven by clever slogans, catchy jingles, and attractive images. And they do often leverage such techniques. However, advertising and marketing are far more than just that. Organizations now routinely leverage automated and connected technologies to better understand customers and prospects, and to serve up the most effective messages to specific individuals and groups.

This new way of doing business is referred to as marketing automation, programmatic marketing, and/or sales acceleration. And it can tap customer data in an organization’s CRM, loyalty database, or third-party sources to understand the interests and past buying patterns of individuals. These solutions can then match up individuals or user groups based on their behaviors and preferences with the most appropriate prepackaged messages and promotions.

That helps businesses deliver more personalized experiences to customers and prospects, increasing the chances of customer retention and upsell and cross-sell purchases. It familiarizes customers with the organization’s portfolio. And it can help a company build its brand.

One company that delivers a solution in this realm is CallSpace.

The company’s solution engages customers by delivering advertising, coupons, customer loyalty offerings, and promotion to customers while they’re waiting on hold with call centers. That can both keep them on the line, expand their knowledge of the company, and encourage them to increase their wallet share with the company with which they’re on hold.

Customers spend a billion minutes waiting on the phone every day. And time is money. So it makes sense for businesses to use this time to their advantage – and to do it in a personalized, target way. Delivering branding messages and offers to on-hold callers is one way to do that.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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