April 30, 2018

BuzzBoard Offers Vertical Business Intelligence

BuzzBoard Inc., which provides small business profiles and scores, now offers such information across more than 700 industry verticals.  That includes such disciplines as manufacturing, professional services, retail, and transportation.  Businesses use the company’s data aggregation and analysis services to deliver better customer service and allow for more successful sales interactions, which is can enable in a variety of ways.

For example, BuzzBoard data services help organizations better understand the seasonality around home improvement businesses.  It can assist them in learning more about the lifetime value of patients in the field of cosmetic dentistry.  BuzzBoard announced last month that it is working with Borrell Associates to provide advertising and marketing spend data for individual business categories across the United States.

“To be successful in today’s business environment, sellers need to be a source of fresh information for prospects and customers and work more like a trusted advisor – identifying business challenges at the root cause level and creating appropriate solutions with the SMB owners,” BuzzBoard recently blogged.  “Sellers will have more success if they know the company, local market, and industry; have deep understanding of their products; listen to and learn the needs of the client; are sincere in their approach; and can help find solutions to painpoints.  In short, they need to add value to every interaction they have with prospects and customers.”

It’s all part of the global digital transformation trend, which involves more organizations adopting more technologies and moving to make use of more data to better compete in the marketplace.  Each company’s digital transformation is unique, but each strives to make the company more competitive and efficient, and involves using data and connected technologies to enable that.

Edited by Erik Linask

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