April 24, 2018

How to Improve Your Contact Center's Greeting, On-Hold Experiences

Reflect your brand in everything you do. I mean everything. Really, everything.

That obviously includes the products you deliver. It goes without saying that applies to your advertising and marketing campaigns. And you clearly want to deliver customer service that aligns with your brand’s culture and messaging.

But let’s look a little more closely at that customer service and messaging part.

Contact centers are a key means through which customers interface with your brand. And callers’ first impressions are formed when someone, or more likely something, answers the phone and communicates with them.

These moments in time are valuable opportunities for you to convey your brand to customers and prospects. Yet most businesses spend little or no time thinking about them.

That may be in part because contact centers are powered by phone systems, which are considered the domain of IT as opposed to marketing teams. But marketing folks need to get involved. And they should think about everything from the speaking style and accent of the automated greeting, to options provided to callers, to the on-hold experience.

They should consider offering a callback solution so customers and prospects don’t have to wait on hold if they don’t choose to. Callback solutions allow customers to go back to their lives, and receive a call later when someone at the call center is available. This tends to make for happier customers and better use of contact center resources.

When customers are put on hold, businesses should make sure they’re presented with music and/or messages that map to their brands. Bluegrass music might be the perfect choice for Bill’s Downhome BBQ, for example, but probably not a great choice for an investment bank with high-end clients.

However, a carefully crafted message is an even better choice. That way, businesses can use every moment they have with customers to reinforce their brand and even offer promotions and create upsell opportunities.

So don’t overlook the opportunities for customer service improvement and brand building in your contact center.

Time is money. And you can use advanced technology to give your customers back some time, which can improve their experiences. And you can leverage on-hold time to bolster your brand, which can enhance your bottom line.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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