April 17, 2018

Use Hold Time to Build Your Brand

Businesses are riding a fine line as they move to deliver personalized content at a time in which consumers are increasingly aware of their online privacy.

As we all by now know, the recent controversy involving Cambridge Analytica triggered the #DeleteFacebook movement by many end users. As a result, some high-profile companies – including Mozilla, Pep Boys, Playboy, Sonos, and Tesla – have cut their ties with the social network too.

The Facebook-Cambridge Analytica stories have made people more acutely aware that their online movements are being tracked. And there seems to be a growing discomfort with that, and practices like ad retargeting that highlight it.

But when customers and prospects already have a relationship with a business – and they’re reaching out to that organization – providing personalized content and offers is a much more comfortable situation. That’s why businesses should consider leveraging call on-hold time to deliver brand messaging and campaigns that are targeted to individual callers.

Studies indicate that the average hold time for incoming calls is 38 seconds. That’s valuable time that businesses can use to their advantage.

Presenting on-hold callers with content will keep them more engaged with your brand. And using that time to present them with coupons and other offers can also increase their spend and customer satisfaction.

Call centers already have ACDs in place to identify incoming callers and forward calls based on CRM data and available resources. Now these operators can also leverage their ACD systems to serve up customized content.

They can do that by pairing their ACD with automatic caller identification using direct inward dialing, dialed number identification service, and automatic number identification.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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