April 11, 2018

Bots and Humans, Can We Be Friends?

There is no doubt that bots are extremely helpful. They have been proven to make fewer errors than humans and are extremely dependable. However, being robots means they are pre-programmed for just a limited quantity of information that cannot replace the depth of knowledge humans have.

Though it seems bots would be more economical and efficient in call centers, this is simply not the case. Callers expect real answers to problems and questions. Nothing is worse than a pre-programmed bot that cannot understand simple commands. Resolution is a core part of a call center with companies losing 15 percent of their customer base each year due to poor service.

So if bots are error-proof but live beings are a necessary evil in the call center, is there space for both?

“The right balance of “bot” and “human” is going to be different for each company, and it depends greatly on the quality of the bot — and, of course, the quality of their human customer service reps,” shared Michael Schneider.

CallSpace is an efficient bot that is utilized in call centers for the ultimate in personalized customer service. Information from loyalty and third-party databases is collected to tailor the hold times to every caller, from the audio to the text, keeping them interested and entertained until a live agent can pick up.

It is the best way to immerse bot technology with the live agent concept so a great experience is delivered all around. But CallSpace can only help so much; proper agent training takes customer service to the absolute highest level so investing in both will change the game for your brand/company.

Edited by Erik Linask

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