March 26, 2018

Call Center AdTech - Branding Opportunity

This is the third in a series of articles about Call Center AdTech, the new technology field that focuses on how companies can optimize their call queue time

Most companies now rely on IVRs and voicebots when it comes to dealing with inbound calls. These technologies have made things easier and less expensive for the contact centers that face the challenge of high call volumes.

The technology greets the customer with an automated messaging and routes them to the proper agent queue for their issue. However, most systems fall flat on the issue of call queues, and thereby waste an important opportunity for branding and relationship building with callers, whose full attention you have when they call you. 

Instead of treating queue-time messaging as a golden opportunity for branding, most systems greet the caller with the same boring voice messages thanking the caller and saying how important the call is. We all know (in our capacity as consumers) these queue time approaches are not very exciting for the caller. The messaging, being a generic one, is usually uninspiring, or even irritating, and lacks the much-needed personal touch.

This is where a new bot offering by CallSpace bot can bring your queue time branding efforts to a totally new level. With a newly-patented technology, CallSpace dips into the company’s CRM along with other third party databases in order to provide the caller with an experience that will enhance the company’s brand and build loyalty.

After dipping into the client record, the system then selects the correct advertisement content for the caller and delivers the information in an attractive and interesting voice-based package. Along with audio messages, it also engages the customer with informative text messages selected as per his/her liking.

This unique concept adds the personalized touch that has been missing in the messaging of contact centers. You can ask for more information to see how CallSpace can innovate and optimize your queue time branding capabilities.

Bruce Belfiore, CEO of BenchmarkPortal, is an advisor to CallSpace, Inc.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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