March 02, 2018

Speed of Sound - Your Clients Are Listening

How fast do we hear sound? In 0.146 seconds, our sensory system immediately reacts to audio which is why mixing it with marketing can bolster a brand to unfathomable heights. Unfortunately, many brands have yet to tap in the audio market for enhanced sales. That is where Sixième Son comes in and is changing the game for some of the biggest and longest running companies on the market.

One of the most notable is Huggies, the widely recognized diaper brand “inspired by hugs,” which is utilizing Sixième Son’s services. Owned by Kimberly-Clark, the goal was to reach consumers of every demographic. This was key as the Kimberly-Clark company ranked #56 on Forbes list of America’s Best Employers for Diversity and worth an estimated $46.7 billion as of May 2017.

The audio branding took just six months after being implemented by Huggies to become so popular, it was used in global market campaigns from America to Russia and Argentina.

“The Huggies audio brand brings an immediate smile to everyone who hears it. Sixième Son brought a rigorous process to the creation, which helped align the stakeholders and arrive at an audio identity that will build the brand’s power for years to come,” shared Angela Johnson, Managing Director, Ogilvy.

This is not an overnight process as it requires in-depth company history research and talking with professionals from both Sixième Son and whatever company seeking audio branding. Additionally, competitor brands are analyzed to create a comprehensive and personalized portfolio for specialized targeting.

Other companies entrusting in SS include ING Direct, a financial institution worth $57.9 billion; Babybel cheeses which uses the audio branding in 15 countries; and Michelin. When audio was implanted on the television commercials, scores for the tire company went up 18 percent on leadership and 12 percent on innovation.

“The music reflects the Michelin spirit of innovation and achievement, while at the same time maintaining a feeling of closeness. It perfectly synthesizes the brand promise, offering each consumer a better way forward. Overall, the audio identity is an essential component in increasing the brand impact and ability to stand out,” said Jean-Frédéric Douroux, Director of Communication & Michelin Group brands.

Does your company have audio branding in place?

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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