February 06, 2018

Turning Hold Time into Opportunity

In our digitally driven world, branding and engagement are a clear focus. Marketers are tasked with taking shoestring budgets and making miracles. What seems to get lost in our omnichannel world is the potential the phone provides. From Fortune 500’s contact center to the new take out restaurant in town, hold time is inevitable. So, instead of simply allowing the customer to sit in silence, or better yet, play elevator music, why not take this time to enhance your brand?

In the United States alone, businesses receive 200 billion calls – with each caller spending on average between 2-3 minutes on hold. Over the year, this adds up to somewhere between 15-30 hours a year. Allow me to introduce a firm capable of taking this pain point of the contact center and embrace the opportunity it provides, CallSpace.

Leveraging business intelligence technology, CallSpace creates what it refers to as “defining moments” by turning “transactions into interactions.” This robust, intelligent platform starts working once the phone rings. With a seamless transfer to the platform the process begins; AI will step in and identify the caller; the caller is then categorized from Loyalty programs or offered to enroll; CallSpace shares relevant branded content via phone, SMS/MMs or chat; the platform then puts analytics and BI to work analyzing consumer behavior as it tracks ROI and ROA; and when an agent is ready for the call, it is seamlessly transferred to a live agent to continue the experience.

One could easily consider this space low hanging fruit. As CMO’s seek innovative means of customer engagement, call center ad tech offers a unique opportunity to create a more loyal customer base taking advantage of a traditional call center pitfall.

Waiting on hold doesn’t have to be a bad thing – make it a branding opportunity. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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