February 06, 2018

Personal Touch Goes Long Way Toward Customer Loyalty

Nobody wants to be treated like a number. People instead tend to prefer the human touch. And it’s why personalization technology is so valuable. Organizations capable of creating this experience will elevate brand loyalty.

“Some of the most important ways marketers are taking advantage of direct customer engagement include to deliver personalized experiences and making it easy for customers to make choices,” notes this Forbes article. The piece goes on to note that 94 percent of senior-level executives believe personalization is critical to reaching customers.

Take CallSpace, for instance. The solution leverages a bot to deliver customized content to inbound callers. It decides what to deliver by quickly assessing customer information in the contact center’s loyalty database and other third-party data stores, then offers callers the prepackaged campaign content that’s the best match for individual callers, building a truly loyal customer base along the way.

That provides a more personal experience for callers. When callers are treated as individuals, as opposed to random faces in the crowd, tends to build loyalty. And loyal customers are far more likely to recommend businesses that treat them like individuals to their friends and family members.

IDC in August came out with personalization survey results. And it noted: “Marketers will increase buyer engagement and conversion by making content more relevant via personalization. Many factors can be used to personalize (e.g., vertical industry, functional role, language, and age).” The research firm says all of these efforts related to personalization can be effective if used to solve the right communication problem.

And Epsilon last month revealed survey results indicating that 80 percent of respondents are more likely to do business with a company if it offers personalized experiences.

The personal touch can go a long way.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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