TMCNet:  Evergage Unveils New Data Warehouse Solution

[August 15, 2019]

Evergage Unveils New Data Warehouse Solution

SOMERVILLE, Mass., Aug. 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Evergage, The 1-to-1 Platform company, today unveiled the Evergage Data Warehouse. Using the Data Warehouse solution, companies can give their business analysts comprehensive access to the rich, unified customer and prospect data – collected, synthesized and housed in Evergage – to power in-depth analyses and drive informed business decisions.

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As the market-leading unified personalization and customer data platform (CDP), Evergage tracks deep behavioral, contextual and attribute data, at the individual and account levels, across a company's channels (website, email, web and mobile app, onsite search, online ads, social media, call center, in-store/branch). This data includes digital interactions, engagement patterns, preferences, intent, purchases, referring source, browser, geolocation, survey responses, weather and much more. All of these details, along with information pulled in from existing systems (CRM, marketing automation, point-of-sale, etc.), are stored in a Unified Customer Profile for each customer, visitor or account, and used for analytics and real-time, cross-channel activation and personalization.

Using the native reporting capabilities of Evergage, business analysts can access a variety of reports and dashboards to gain insights into their customer and prospect data, build and analyze segments, and monitor campaign performance. However, as every company has unique business requirements – driven by its industry, customer base, offerings, pain points, etc. – it's important to be able to slice and dice its data in unique ways. When used in conjunction with a business intelligence (BI) tool such as Tableau or Looker, for example, the Evergage Data Wrehouse enables analysts to create and execute custom queries, and visualize and run analyses on the vast data in the platform in a way that reflects each company's distinct requirements and needs.

Invaluable, the world's leading online marketplace for fine art, antiques and collectibles, uses Evergage to synthesize and activate its data – delivering individualized experiences and recommendations across web, mobile app and email channels.

Peter Lehar, business intelligence manager at Invaluable, shared: "By feeding behavioral and geographic traffic data from Evergage's Data Warehouse into our BI tool Looker, we can easily craft highly customized email campaigns aimed at users who will be the most receptive to them. Open rates are up, and user fatigue is down now that our subscribers are finding tailor-made content in their inboxes each morning."

Now, with the Evergage Data Warehouse, a company's business analysts can:

  • Access a trove of rich customer and prospect data in the Evergage CDP – including individual behavioral, attribute, cross-channel interaction, third-party and more.
  • Access catalog data (products and/or content) and transactional data (such as downloads, online/offline purchases and adds-to-cart).
  • Utilize a BI tool of the client's choosing – plugged right into the Evergage Data Warehouse.
  • Use Evergage's database to run queries to transform, report on and visualize the information – identifying trends and patterns that reflect company-specific objectives.

A business-to-business (B2B) technology provider, for example, might want to leverage the Evergage Data Warehouse to determine which content assets resonate most with visitors from certain target industries and which content promotions are the most and least effective at generating leads that result in profitable downstream business.

A retailer might leverage the solution to compare the most popular product categories – based on cross-channel engagement – for high-value shoppers in key regional areas during the spring and summer months.

"With the Evergage Data Warehouse, we're excited to empower companies and their business analysts to understand their audiences in deeper, more meaningful ways – extending the value of their customer data and their Evergage investment," said Evergage CEO Karl Wirth. "In addition to tracking and ingesting data and making all that information actionable, Evergage now makes it easy to perform customized queries and more detailed analyses. Business analysts can examine all the rich information in the platform from any angle to drive better-targeted communications and campaigns, and make better-informed business decisions."

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About Evergage
Only Evergage's real-time personalization and customer data platform (CDP) delivers The Power of 1, enabling companies to transform the dream of 1-to-1 engagement, across channels, into reality. Combining in-depth behavioral analytics and advanced machine learning with data from existing sources, Evergage provides the one solution you need to build a single, comprehensive view of each one of your customers and prospects and activate that data to deliver maximally relevant, individualized experiences – "in the moment," across touchpoints and at scale. Evergage's powerful and flexible cloud-based platform delivers personalization to billions of customers and visitors of hundreds of leading organizations across industries, including Carhartt, Citrix, Endurance International Group, Lenovo, Publishers Clearing House and Zumiez. Evergage is a five-time winner in the Stevie American Business Awards, four-time winner in the Golden Bridge Awards, three-time winner in the Best in Biz Awards and two-time CODiE Award winner. For more information, visit or contact the company at or 1-888-310-0589.

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