TMCNet:  DealerSocket Announces Significant Investment in Their Inventory+ Software and Will Announce 8 Major Enhancements at NADA

[December 04, 2018]

DealerSocket Announces Significant Investment in Their Inventory+ Software and Will Announce 8 Major Enhancements at NADA

DealerSocket, Inc., a leading provider of innovative software for the automotive industry, today announced the company has invested millions of additional dollars in its Inventory management solution over the past several months. The company has doubled its Inventory+ team members this year who are working exclusively on developing new and improved functionality for their Inventory+ software product. DealerSocket is creating enhanced features that will fundamentally improve the ease and profitability for dealers to acquire, source, merchandise and sell vehicles.

"DealerSocket's strategy for Inventory+ has always been focused on creating a best-in-class software product that increases a dealership's profitability. Utilizing machine learning that will soon offer dealers insights unavailable anywhere else, our Inventory+ software provides dealerships a robust inventory management solution that helps them buy and sell vehicles with the highest potential profit as its goal," said Sejal Pietrzak, president and CEO of DealerSocket. "By providing dealers up-to-date analytics and insights, Inventory+ gives our customers the full picture of the lifecycle of a vehicle in their inventory so they can create strategies and make decisions that lead to profitable sales of vehicles sold off their lots. DealerSocket has been making major enhancements and piloting the release of valuable new functionality that is beyond anything available in the market. We cannot wait to share this with the idustry at NADA in January."

Dealers often spend a significant amount of time searching for, appraising, and merchandising vehicles. The investments from DealerSocket make it easier for dealers to manage inventory and maximize their profits in a single lot or across multiple rooftops, using powerful tools and insights to help make the best decisions for their business.

"Inventory+ was designed from day one to maximize profits and not just increase sales velocity. While our competitors are just now tailoring their software to do this, our Inventory+ software has always helped our customers increase and maximize the profit of their inventory," said Brad Perry, chief product officer of DealerSocket. "As margin compression continues in the industry, DealerSocket's Inventory+ software helps dealers optimize their inventory with the right vehicles for the dealership and customer profile."

While many of these enhancements are available in pilot stages, the 8 enhancements will be made available to all Inventory+ customers in Q1 2019. DealerSocket will demonstrate the enhancements made to its Inventory+ software at the NADA Conference from January 25 - 27 in San Francisco, CA (News - Alert).

About DealerSocket

DealerSocket is a leading provider of software for the automotive industry, offering a suite of seamlessly integrated products to help dealers sell and service vehicles more profitably, while improving their customers' experience. DealerSocket's suite of products includes advanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM), innovative Digital Marketing and Websites, robust Vehicle Inventory Management, insightful Analytics Reporting, and solutions to streamline dealer operations such as Desking, Credit Reporting, Compliance, and a Dealer Management System (DMS) for dealers of all sizes. DealerSocket employs nearly 1,000 team members serving more than 8,000 dealerships. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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