• Making the Most of Your Chatbot

    Many leading brands, and other organizations, are using chatbots to interact with customers. They need to take care in aligning the performance and personality of those digital assistants with their l… - 10/17/2018

  • Best Practices for Creating a Chatbot

    Platforms make creating a chatbot easier than ever. But make sure your chatbot aligns with your brand, is flexible, and can scale. - 10/4/2018

  • Study Assesses AI Benefits, Successes

    As interest in and adoption of artificial intelligence-based solutions grow, so does the number of surveys and studies on this important topic. Some of the latest AI research comes from a consortium m… - 9/19/2018

  • Getting in Tune with Customer Service

    Music can act as a form of escapism. That can be useful if a person is at the dentist, experiencing turbulence while flying, or even awaiting help in a call center queue. - 9/14/2018

  • Getting in Tune with Customer Service

    Music can act as a form of escapism. That can be useful if a person is at the dentist, experiencing turbulence while flying, or even awaiting help in a call center queue. - 9/14/2018

  • Study: Many Consumers Reluctant to Embrace Chatbots

    CSG report indicates many consumers think chatbot adoption is happening too fast, prefer to work with human customer service personnel. - 8/30/2018

  • Take a Page from Casting in Building Chatbots

    Businesses developing or working with others to birth chatbots may want to consider what actors or other personalities - or personality types - best convey the images and values that they themselves e… - 8/24/2018

  • How AI & NLP Are Coming Into Play in Consumer, Business Environments

    Artificial intelligence and natural language process are delivering fast results for both business and consumer users. - 8/9/2018

  • Businesses Look to AI to Be More 'Human'

    This story is about how businesses can imbue chatbots with human characteristics to create stronger ties with their customers in much the same way personalized human service does. - 8/8/2018

  • Chatbots Are Improving, Working With Us

    To enable customers and organizations to experience the best possible chatbot outcomes, companies including Gensys and Interactions have been talking about the importance of pairing AI and humans to g… - 8/3/2018

  • Chatbots Invite Creativity - But Be Sure to Stay On-Brand

    If you're developing a chatbot it really pays to ask who - or what - your chatbot is going to be. It's important, because chatbots are a channel through which businesses both serve their customers, an… - 8/2/2018

  • Ad Tech Disrupted by AT&T Purchase

    AT&T recently announced plans to buy advertising technology platform company AppNexus. The news came on the heels of AT&T's $85 billion acquisition of Time Warner. This sets the stage for an ad tech s… - 7/3/2018

  • How to Use On-Hold Time Wisely

    Some on-hold systems can recognize who's calling and match messages to them based on their past buying history or other information. That may cause callers to pay attention to these messages, become i… - 7/2/2018

  • Chatbots Key to Marketing to Next Generation

    Chatbot development comes in at No. 11 in the Upwork Skills Index, which ranks the hottest skills in the U.S. freelance job market. A growing number of software suppliers have introduced tools to buil… - 6/18/2018

  • Reinforce Your Brand Every Little Moment

    Every moment you have with customers and prospects is an opportunity for you to reinforce your brand, educate the market about your value proposition, and deliver unique and personalized offers and ex… - 6/8/2018

  • Use Contact Center Interactions To Your Greatest Advantage

    You should use every moment you are on a call with customers and prospects to connect them more closely to your brand and your business. - 6/1/2018

  • How to Deliver Personalized Service, Messaging

    When you're hungry, you want food before you get hangry. When you're sick, you just want someone to make you feel better. And when you need help fixing or buying something, many of us want a helpful a… - 5/31/2018

  • Customer Data Platforms - What They Are, Why They're Needed

    A new product category called customer data platform is getting quite a bit of buzz in marketing circles these days. - 5/21/2018

  • How to Leverage Technology to Build Brand, Revenues

    CallSpace's solution engages customers by delivering advertising, coupons, customer loyalty offerings, and promotion to customers while they're waiting on hold with call centers. - 5/18/2018

  • Chatbots Are Great, But Don't Forget the Human Touch

    Artificial intelligence and chatbots can help customer service organizations answer customer calls more quickly and at all hours. But businesses need to provide the human touch to truly connect with c… - 5/11/2018

  • You've Got Personality, And Marketers Want It Too

    Personality marketing allows for personal assessments and, then, targeting based on a variety of data, possibly including CRM data and/or a person's "digital footprint." - 5/7/2018

  • BuzzBoard Offers Vertical Business Intelligence

    BuzzBoard Inc., which provides small business profiles and scores, now offers such information across more than 700 industry verticals. That includes such disciplines as manufacturing, professional se… - 4/30/2018

  • How to Improve Your Contact Center's Greeting, On-Hold Experiences

    Contact centers are a key means through which customers interface with your brand. And callers' first impressions are formed when someone, or more likely something, answers the phone and communicates … - 4/24/2018

  • Use Hold Time to Build Your Brand

    Businesses should consider leveraging call on-hold time to deliver brand messaging and campaigns that are targeted to individual callers. - 4/17/2018

  • Bots and Humans, Can We Be Friends?

    There is no doubt bots are extremely helpful, and they have been proven to make fewer errors than humans and are extremely dependable but, being robots means they are pre-programmed for just a limited… - 4/11/2018

  • Erasing Struggle in Call Centers

    The call center is seemingly a place of resolution but customer service can be sacrificed because of easily remedied issues. - 4/9/2018

  • SOLD Through Customer Personalization

    Getting customers interested in products is one thing but completing the actual sale; that is quite another. With so much competition companies need to discover ways to differentiate from the pack. Th… - 4/3/2018

  • Bots Replacing Live Agents? Not This Week

    Contrary to popular belief, bots are not taking over the world. Are they enhancing it? Yes, in areas such as call centers, the advancement of bots has been great for a bevy of reasons. - 4/3/2018

  • Holding Like Never Before

    Did you know the average caller will spend approximately 1.2 years of their lives waiting on hold? This hold time is not even enjoyable. Instead, it's time wasted, sitting, being frustrated. Companies… - 3/27/2018

  • Call Center AdTech - Branding Opportunity

    The technology greets the customer with an automated messaging and routes them to the proper agent queue for their issue. However, most systems fall flat on the issue of call queues, and thereby waste… - 3/26/2018

  • Make Consumers Enjoy Hold Time

    Making every caller feel like they are special can make a longer than normal wait time manageable. How is this possible? By personalizing each and every caller's experience, an organization sets its c… - 3/23/2018

  • Call Center AdTech - Customer Experience Booster

    One part of the Customer Experience in which most centers fall down is queue time. Queue time is sometimes called wait time, or other things, but in the end it is the time that customers spend after t… - 3/22/2018

  • Agents and Bots Making the Perfect Team

    Bots are extremely helpful when it comes to "longer than usual" hold times, keeping the caller from hanging up and directed to the proper agent. - 3/16/2018

  • Call Center AdTech - Why It's So Hot

    Until recently, queue time was seen purely as a negative metric - something workforce managers tried to minimize and callers had to endure. While minimizing queue time is still an important objective,… - 3/12/2018

  • The Best Hold Time EVER

    Research has found 70 percent of Americans steer clear of contact centers based on the basic and general greetings. - 3/9/2018

  • A Musical Hold Time

    How long are you willing to wait on hold? According to Small Business Chronicles, callers tend to hang up at around the 115 second mark, so a little under two minutes. And once a consumer hangs up, it… - 3/9/2018

  • Speed of Sound - Your Clients Are Listening

    How fast do we hear sound? In 0.146 seconds, our sensory system immediately reacts to audio which is why mixing it with marketing can bolster a brand to unfathomable heights. Unfortunately, many brand… - 3/2/2018

  • The Marvelous Marketing Machine Hiding In Your Queue Time

    We rarely value things we wish to eliminate, like the wait time our call center customers must endure before getting connected to a live agent. However, this is a major mistake. Even as we try to redu… - 2/26/2018

  • How to Use Hold Time to Your Advantage

    CallSpace BOT lets contact centers to serve up ads to callers as they wait on hold. That's exactly what CallSpace's new patented technology, called BOT, allows contact centers to do. And that delivers… - 2/23/2018

  • How to Make Waiting More Pleasant, Call Centers More Profitable

    Rather than having these customers wait in silence - or listen to music - contact centers can use this hold time to their advantage. As callers wait, businesses can fill them in on new products and se… - 2/23/2018

  • Call Branding Brings Value to Hold Time

    CallSpace says call centers can engage customers and drive new business via call branding. - 2/6/2018

  • Turning Hold Time into Opportunity

    In the United States alone, businesses receive 200 billion calls - with each caller spending on average between 2-3 minutes on hold. Over the year, this adds up to somewhere between 15-30 hours a year… - 2/6/2018

  • Personal Touch Goes Long Way Toward Customer Loyalty

    How CallSpace can enable personalization, which can drive brand growth and customer loyalty. - 2/6/2018

  • CallSpace Launches Call Center Ad Tech Community with TMCnet

    TMC, a global, integrated media company helping clients build communities in print, in person and online, announced today that the Call Center Ad Tech Community, sponsored by CallSpace, has been launc… - 2/6/2018



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